1. Januar 2019

| about 2017 |

| looking back |

what you find here is a almost chronological year 2017 in my life as a professional photographer. I want to simply throw this out and let of some digital steam. it's for those of you who are interested and willing to take a deep dive. a deep dive with beautiful, cool and catchy but also maybe sad, disturbing, confusing or simply boring photographs.

this is what a year in my life as a photographer looks like.
this is what it looks like when your hobby becomes your job. or both.

mental health
street stuff

rbma junge roemer

in that very order

a dot in the sky

weihfeuer tragen - on going project

weihfeuer tragen

awesome dirty nil

what i did during lighthouse festival

jugo ürdens

gondel kitsch

Gregor Schlierenzauer

billy talent

room with a view


nix fladan

gettin' rich

awol @ supersense

gine workout


Schauspielhaus Wien


mavi phoenix



wings for life world run vienna

jugo ürdens again

life ball

nova rock


touche amore


max versteppen giving away free hats

happy sister


energized by billy talent

catching moments

Schauspielhaus shooting days...

schauspielhaus, außer haus

check out my canon ae-1



schönbrunner gloriettenstürmer




simon bauer

my favorite shot of simon

at the obscura base

Sarah Lagger

raf camora

Riemann Haus

james choice & the bad decisions

I dumped this here for me. to look back on things from a greater distance. being a freelance photographer isn't always easy - this helps me realize what a lucky bastard I am. to all the my people, friends - THANK YOU!