4. Februar 2013

| 2.700 miles | ROADTRIP |

| our way so far |
well, once again i am sorry for being late but somehow i just wasn't ready to get this blog-post done.
i think i've been too critical with myself plus i don't want to sit in front of my computer editing pictures when there's so much going on....

nevertheless after 25 days on the us roads (we are now in fountain, colorado) this is just a tiny little part of my pictures and to be honest with you all i did not spend a lot of time for this blog-entry. don't get me wrong i took it seriously but it's more like a kick in the ass to get this over.

vienna - miami (beach, b*tch) - narcoossee (zip code: 12345) - cordele  - bishop - marietta - nashville - shorewood (NINJA!!) - chicago (trump suite) - shorewood (-16°C no heating in the RV) - new york (over the weekend) - shorewood - avoca - topeka - salina - limon - fountain (pikes peak 12.500 ft) - ... (next up: grand junction)

and that's all folks!

north america.



the bean.

the chin-chilla.

the janitor.


we own the sky.


customer lounge at the car doctors place. boring.

everything's BIG in america. may i present to you the fat-finger-remote.