22. März 2013

| last week six years ago |

| 03/17/07 - special concert |
this entry is actually the result of me getting annoyed by my latest music preferences which brought me back to austrian music. the music i heard (a lot) and still love. (now maybe even more)
the first cd i found was 'nowhere fast' by the 'one punch mickies' and like it was yesterday i had immediately the pictures of that concert in my head...song after song the memories in my head were like beating itself to death because there were so many of them. i couldn't even enjoy them.
so i decided to look through my old concert photos....and because i am not that good with words (as you can probably see) i show you my pictures/memories...just so you know these are not from the one punch mickies gig anyway here's what i found - as wild as it was back then -

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